Blue skies and rain in Grazalema

Is Grazalema really the wettest place in Spain?

Its hard to believe that a place in Andalucia with around 300 days of blues skies and sunshine every year can also lay claim to being the “wettest place in Spain”

What makes Grazalema the wettest place in Spain?
The Sierra de Grazalema has a special microclimate. We are in a place whose topography dictates it to be the rainiest site in Spain because it is the first high area which the humid sea winds hit after coming off the Atlantic. Winds driven across these lowlands warm up and then rise abruptly on meeting the mountain range, causing a cooling effect and cloud formation with precipitation. The natural inclines then guide water to flow rapidly into streams, rivers and arroyos (seasonally flowing streams that are dry during summer). Lower down this water is being reserved in man-made reservoirs to prevent its instant loss from the area.

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