Griffon vultures in Grazalema

Griffon Vultures – Masters of the skies

My favorite bird in the Sierra de Grazalema is the Griffon vulture. majestic and with a surprisingly complex lifestyle they are fascinating to observe at any time of year.

Visible all year in the natural Park of Grazalema this bird is larger than an eagle, with a wingspan of up to 260 cm (8.53 Ft). In flight, their wings are broad, with the primaries (finger-like feathers) usually clearly visible; the tail is short, and the neck retracted. It has buff brown coloured plumage on the back, stomach and the anterior band of the wings, while the rest of the wing feathers and tail are dark brown. The head and long neck are covered with white down and there is a distinctive collar of long feathers. On adults the bill is yellow and collar white, whilst on juveniles the bill is grey and collar pale brown. They feed on carrion, most of the time in a state of decay and at other times in an initial stage (especially large mammals). The carcasses left out by farmers are also an important part of the diet of these birds.

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