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Permissions for restricted areas in the Grazalema Natural Park

There are 4 footpaths in the Grazalema Natural park that require permission to enter. They are. El Torreon, El Pinsapar, Garganta Verde and Llano de Ravel. You can apply for a permit one month in advance and right now the best way to do this is by email. The information you need to give in the email is…. Your name, your passport number, how many people going on the walk, what date for the walk and which walk you want to do…. It is also a good idea to give an alternative date just in case the date you want is full… It is highly recommended to to do these walks during weekdays if you can… Try to avoid bank holiday weekends and early summer weekends when these walks get very busy. Continue reading Permissions for restricted areas in the Grazalema Natural Park

Where to eat in Grazalema – Bars and Restaurants.

We are very lucky in Grazalema to have such a large selection of bars and restaurants to choose from. Even if you holiday here for a week or more you could easily eat in a different place every night! With formal restaurants (Cadiz el Chico has Michelin recognition) alongside traditional tapas bars you can’t really go wrong whilst dining in Grazalema. Pretty much all menus here are written in Spanish, English, German and French so the language barrier is not a problem. The bars and restaurants in Grazalema are concentrated at the bottom of the village in the area of the Asomaderos car park and the main town square. Continue reading Where to eat in Grazalema – Bars and Restaurants.

The White Village of Grazalema

Grazalema is a traditional white village (pueblo blanco) located in the north-eastern area of Cadiz province. It nestles amongst the beautiful mountains of the Sierra de Grazalema and has a local population of around 2000 people inhabiting the village and surrounding countryside. Set in a protected area popular for nature and outdoor enthusiasts the village itself is on the list of obligatory visits on the route of the white villages of Andalucia. Continue reading The White Village of Grazalema

Three routes for the white villages (Pueblos Blancos) of the Sierra de Grazalema

Absorb the tranquillity as you meander through the narrow, charismatic streets and open squares, noting the blend of Arabic layout and design with eighteenth century grandeur and ornamentation. This guide offers you a choice of short tours passing through stunning surroundings of lush Mediterranean woodlands and high mountain passes, with each white-washed population cluster separated by stunning Andalusian scenery. Continue reading Three routes for the white villages (Pueblos Blancos) of the Sierra de Grazalema

The Grazalema Natural Park

This protected area consists of a large cluster of high limestone peaks that holds within it a range of ecosystems from sheer and colourful cliff faces to deep lush valleys, rich green forests to bleak white scree slopes. There are around 20 peaks above 1000m creating an impressively sculpted landscape, the highest being El Torreón at 1654m (5426 feet) which command fabulous views across the mountains and over to the plains of Cadiz province. Continue reading The Grazalema Natural Park